Have you ever heard the song Forever?

Every time I hear its simple words,my mind will fly to another world,a world full of stardust :

I stand alone in the darkness The winter of my life came so fast Memories go back to childhood To days I still recall Oh how happy I was then There was no sorrow there was no pain Walking through the green fields Sunshine in my eyes I’m still there everywhere I’m the dust in the wind I’m the star in the northern sky .

Yet only by these words, maybe you can’t get the full feelings about it , but one thing is sure that it must make you to recall your past time, to the days which there was no sorrow, there was no pain, much more inportant, there was no much press .

Why we feel life is full of press now? Have you ever thought about it? or only go ahead, go ahead,without any thinking?However, it is a problem that we must face, now let’s describe our current life: there are there places that are much more familiar than others, which are hostel, dining room and classroom.every day we walk straight from one to other among the three places, nearly no other place that we go.

We are so far away from the outside world, from the nature that we nearly know nothing about the nature,The only channel we get in touch with the outside is computer, a electronic machine without feelings.

we can get the latest news, but we can’t get true feelings from our own heart. On one hand, we know too much news, on the other hand, we have too little feelings which we get from our own heart, so we feel void about ourselves,How can we get out from the situation?

Maybe the only way is getting out from the closed world, give ourselves chances to get close to the nature ,to the colorful out world, use our own heart to feel, to get the nature’s answer to the problem we face, we will surely get to a new world ,a dramatic world.

2/26/2005 3:04:06 PM